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Стоматологическая установка yoboshi  А 6000

Розничная стоимость 156 000 рублей

Production Decription:

Originally from the idea of designer who is well-known in Italy, the framework shall be processed by linear cut; the chair has smooth line, it looks fashion and dynamic, luxurious and also artistic; with the split side box which is human-oriented design and multi-aspect remote control, the tooth chair seems even more modernized. Dental patient can freely sitting down or lying down at the patient chair which is dedicated and comfortable; the spittoon can be freely lifted up and down, be stretched forward and backward. Together with assistance system, the spittoon can be multi-point positioned by intelligent remote control. And that makes it much easier for patient to spit and doctor to operate the machine. Therefore, it is the number-one choose for dental doctors who are young and fashion.

Standard Layout:

◆handpiece tube(2pcs highspeed,1pc loespeed)3pcs 
◆three way syringe(1for hot ,1for cold)2pcs
◆automatic heating water supply           1set
◆operation light (Italy import) 1set

◆water purified system   1set
◆Suction Centre System            1set

◆Clean Water System                 1set

◆air-lock blance arm system    1set
◆LED X-Film Viewer    1set                 
◆DCmotor   1set 

◆dentist stool (1pc new type,1pc old type)
◆turnable cuspidor 1set

Standard Option:

◆KAVO highspeed&lowspeed handpiece or highspeed&lowspeed handpiece made in China.

◆scaler (import or made in China)

◆curing light(import or made in China)

◆six way syringe (Intaly import)

◆Camera and Monitor

◆Suction Centre System            
◆nurse stool from Europen  

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