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Новинка 2017

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Our company proudly announces big meeting in Washingtom. 

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Interesting fact about company and new benefits for employees.

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Хорошее качество и революционные цены 



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Стоматологическая установка yoboshi ay280 

Розничная стоимость 98 000 рублей



















◆All  controlled  by the  electric  valve  
◆ ED system have 3 memory positions
◆Plastic  pipe
◆DC  motor  
◆ air  spring
◆Assistant controlled system
◆Air-lock balance arm system
◆ Four way high speed  handpiece tubes,2sets  
◆Four  way Low-speed handpiece tube,1set  
◆3 way Syringe(one for hot and one for cold),2pcs  
◆Water Suction and Saliva Ejector,1set each  
◆The device for prevent refluence and the Built-in Water purified System
◆ Turnable Cuspidor  
◆Automatic Heating water system  
◆Inductive operation Light  
◆ AC  X-film  viewer    
◆Dentist  Stool,2pcs
◆ With low mounted instrument tray



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How to increase efficiency of business process? Read our new article and share your opinion!

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Not only big business corporations have to face with difficulties in time-management. Our tips definitely could help you.

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